Topo T16

expressive controller

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Topo T16, Expressive Control at Your Fingertips
It’s a compact, versatile MIDI controller with unseen features for its size!
Three main “play modes”, all customizable to your liking thanks to the powerful web configurator.

In Keyboard Mode Topo makes full use of its pressure sensing ability to convert your finger movements to Velocity and per-note Pressure Midi Messages.
In Joystick Mode, the keys control a virtual cursor on an XY plane, sending CC messages. Fader Mode transforms the device into a 4-channel control surface, with each column of keys acting as individual faders.
The 4 independent banks allow you to store and recall your favorite setups.


Expressive and compact Midi controller with pressure-sensitive keys

  • 16 magnetic-sensing keys with velocity and aftertouch
  • Touch-strip for controlling mode-related
  • Keyboard, Joystick, and Fader play modes
  • 4 Memory Banks, each with it’s own settings
  • Highly Customizable, from the layout to the response curves
  • WebMidi-based configurator for deep customization
  • USB-C for power and midi in/out
  • MIDI TRS output, both A and B modes supported
  • Experimental OSC support
  • 3d printed, high quality case, STLs available for free
  • 115x105x33mm, 180gr


Web Configurator

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